website development

At RA Republic, we understand exactly how important it is for your brand to be correctly conveyed on the web. That’s why we launched our professional website development service, which has been created specifically for our clientele to help them build out strong digital channels that positively impact their business performance.  

our process

At RA Republic, we follow a strict protocol to produce the highest possible results effectively and efficiently. Listed below is every step we take to help you produce a beautfiul website for your customers.


As with any service we offer, we begin with a formal discussion around your brand, business goals and vision to ensure that we in sync with your company and its stakeholder’s objectives. We spend a great deal of time figuring out exactly how you want your website to look and how best to approach its development.

Formal membership boarding

Introduction with your account manager

Project discussion & milestone setting

Existing website audit & evaluation


Our research and analysis phase is heavily centred around UI/UX design, where we breakdown successful websites in your industry to pinpoint key features that allowed for their growth. We will then further analyse and develop key methodologies that can help you successfully adopt and incorporate these features directly into your brand new website.

Customer journey research & behavioural insight

Competitor website breakdown

Creative brainstorming

Our recommendations & evaluations


We take all of our research and analysis and work with you side by side to create a concrete skeleton for your website that is optimised to deliver an exceptional customer experience. During this phase, our main objective will be centred around efficiency and customer satisfaction and we will not rest until we have a clear vision of your customer’s journey throughout this digital experience.

Customer journey & experience mapping 

Conceptual user interface drafts

Concrete wireframe ready for production


We proceed onto helping you setup both your brand’s domain name and hosting plan to ensure for a stable and stress free transition onto the web. We also help setup and install the CMS (Content management system) of your choice to further improve your website building experience. 

Domain name sourcing 

Domain name registration 

Web hosting setup & assistance

CMS & WordPress installation


We help you effectively articulate your own vision through creative and professional writing. From content planning, brainstorming to proofing, we help you every step of the way to ensure that your website copy is nothing short of perfect. We also offer proffesional content writing services, drawing upon the experience of experts within the field, for those short on time. 

Content writing consultations

Content writing plans

Keyword research & analysis 

Website copy & content writing services 


We progress onto building out a mobile responsive design for your site centred around your newly curated content. From layout styles, colour palates to your typography, we ensure that every element of your website is pixel perfect and beautifully crafted.

Static design template creation

Typeface selection

Colour guideline selection

Photography services


Once you are happy with the design and are well on your way towards curating the perfect website content, we will swiftly move onto the development phase of your site. We will ensure that your digital environment is perfectly setup for all development work.

CMS & database adjustments

Theme selection and installation

Front-end coding & development

Back-end coding & development


Just before launching your website, we will begin testing it across different digital touch-points to ensure that it runs smoothly across each device.

Finalisation of your website project

Responsive website testing

Design adjustments & refinements

Content changes & refinement 

Code adjustments & integration


Once your site is up and running, we will provide you with an array of security strengthening protocols, that you can install onto your site for added peace of mind at your discretion.  

Website security consultation

Website back-up services

SSL certificate installation

Website malware removal software installation 

CDN network installation & setup

Privacy policy & cookie policy development 

GDPR compliance check 


Our final process includes us helping you set up all your tracking tools that you will need to monitor your site and campaign performances. We will also submit your site to Google and other search engines to get you kick-started on your digital journey.

Website sitemap submission

Google tracking setup

Keyword density analysis

Website optimisation



We offer extensive auditing services that effectively breakdown your website to better understand any performance hinderances that you may be experiencing in-regards to your growth. We will offer you a complimentary consultation session where a dedicated account manager will go through any optimisation strategies that you may need to implement to help better your overall website experience.

Website speed check

UI/UX critique, analysis & recommendations

Competitor website analysis 

Complimentary website audit



We offer a wide range of UI/UX services specifically focused around creating strong skeletons that outline a clear narrative and plan for your project as well as your customer’s journey. This service is perfect for anyone looking to bring to life their ideas in a professional way.

Competitor product research & breakdown

UI/UX consultations & brainstorming sessions

Wireframe development 



A fully comprehensive service designed to help get your brand online in an efficient, creative and professional manner. We work with you step by step to ensure that we are perfectly in line with your goals and help you produce a website that is optimised for your company growth.

Customer research

Competitor research

Domain & hosting setup

Wireframing sessions

UX/ UI Consultations

Content writing services

Website design & development  



We offer a range of SEO Optimisation services that are specifically designed to help you improve your search rankings across different platforms. From content design, website speed optimisation to creative advertising campaigns, we consult and help implement concrete strategies that help you effectively compete against your competitors in saturated markets. 

Sitemap submission to search engines

Customer research

Keyword density analysis & research

SEO strategy plan

SEO content development



We understand that website security is essential, therefore we offer a wide range of security services to ensure that your site is always up and running.

SSL certificate installation

CDN network setup & installation

Website malware removal software

Website backup



Creating regular content is an important yet extremely time consuming task. Staying up to date with market trends and what your customer’s are searching can easily become overwhelming, and if not done properly it can negatively impact your productivity. At The Republic by Rajpal, we have a number of content writing services specifically designed to help you create SEO friendly articles that are ready to post directky onto your website. We even take care of the management and distribution of these articles if you simply haven’t the time.  

Customer & market trend research 

Keyword density & search analysis

Professionally written website copy & SEO content 

Infographics for your website 

Podcast curation 

Website videos & company explainers