Business Operations

At RA Republic, we want to help support as many businesses to meet their goals, therefore we spend a great deal of time understanding processes, strategies and procedures that inspire the very best results across the board.

our process

We follow a strict protocol to produce the highest possible results effectively and efficiently. Below you will be carefully walked through each part of our process and what to expect when you partner with our team.


Our strategy consultations begin with a series of questions to really understand your goals and any roadblocks which are preventing you from reaching them. We also offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to help you decide on which plan is the most suited to your brand needs. 

Formal membership boarding

Introduction with your account manager

Goal setting & strategy planning

Existing brand audit & evaluation


After our initial consulting we will conduct a full audit of your processes to understand and uncover any hindrances that are preventing you from reaching your business goals. Depending on your chosen service, we may implement feedback loops and data channels to generate valuable primary information to rectify these issues. We will also put into place various research methods to gain a deeper understanding of your market, competitors and the state of your industry.

Business process audit

Efficiency & productivity analysis

Market & competitor research

Evaluation report



Taking into account all of your feedback and our research, we will devise a concrete strategy plan for you to implement into your organisation. We will provide you with various material to help you keep track of your progress. We will also host regular consultations to ensure that you are on track of your business goals. 

Bespoke business strategy

Bespoke change management implementation

Leadership coaching

Personal management & tracking


Our strategies are never meant to be static and are designed to constantly evolve and improve. We spend time with you through consulting and coaching sessions to ensure that you are effectively reaching your targets through sustainable and sensible methods. We will adjust and modify your strategy depending on your performance and brand position.

Milestone tracking

Personal management assessment

Strategy refinement 

Progressive goal setting



During your time with us, we will cycle through various strategy sessions that cover a wide range of topics to solve very specific problems. Our main objective is to equip you with the tools you need to cultivate and develop your brand into something that efficiently communicates to your target audience. Below you will find an overview of what to expect during the course of your strategy sessions with us.

Personal Analysis & Strategy

We work with you to truly understand your day to day processes, to navigate you effectively towards your end-goals. Instilling positive habits, creating discipline and keeping you motivated throughout your journey towards success. We do this by helping you implement a nurturing and sustainable personal strategy plan. 


Business Analysis & Strategy

Using data analysis and economic principles, we focus on key areas of your business to offer practical steps that can be implemented to improve business efficiency and profitability. From product creation to leadership and management, we ensure that we cover every aspect of your business to create a winning strategy. 

Digital Brand Strategy

Our digital strategies are designed to analyse and assess the best ways to position your brand online. They give you insight into the best practices to leverage social media, create content and maximise digital conversion through your websites. We also delve deep into UI/UX and digital design to ensure your brand looks the part. 

Market Sizing & Research

Marketing is all about meaningful data aound your customers. From questionnaire development to research reports, we can help you gather the very best insight to effectively compete within your industry. Our research options perfectly compliment our online and offline brand strategies.

Brand Health Check & Strategy

A poorly designed brand can hugely impact your customer’s initial perception about you. Our brand health check analyses everything from your logo all the way up to the UI/UX design of your website, giving you key insight and practical advice that you can apply to ensure that your business is presented in the best possible light.

Offline Brand Strategy

We use this part of our strategy development service to minimise the cost of offline advertising spend, to help you effectively connect with your customers. We also consult on shop decors, business events and print marketing campaigns to better connect with your customers off the web.