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Running a business can be stressful and often, entrepreneurs continually develop unhealthy habits, simply because they choose their work over the needs of their body. We have developed two simple, stackable services for entrepreneurs that need the guidance at affordable rates.

Business Strategy SOlo

Perfect for new entrepreneurs, working by themselves during the early stages of their business growth. Our business strategy programme comes in at an affordable price point and effectively guides new business owners throughout the entire business and brand development cycle. 

Bi-Weekly Business Consultations

Continual strategy development 

Strategy evaluation 

Business support 

Pricing From £150 per Month

Health Strategy

Designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs, our health strategy service provides you with all the advice you need to create a balanced lifestyle that is in line with your lifestyle. We’ll guide you to what health markers to watch for, easy to follow exercise guidelines personalised for you. As well as  all relevant knowledge, support and guidance to help you manage your stress levels.

Bi-Weekly Consultations

Custom fitness plans by qualified personal trainer

Knowledge guidance and personal support

Pricing From £150 per Month

Complete Strategy

Perfect for entrepreneurs that want to tackle both the fitness and business elements of their lives together. This all in one package was created with the goal of creating a sustainable framework for anyone to build a strong successful business whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Bi-Weekly Fitness Consultations

Bi-Weekly Business Consultations

Custom fitness plans by qualified personal trainer

Continual business strategy development

Knowledge guidance and personal support

Pricing From £275 per Month

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