Health & Wellbeing 

Whether you’re a business owner struggling with the stresses of managing a company or a team leader looking for ways to help your employees improve their mental and physical health, our team at RA Republic has spent years curating a range of professionally led fitness services to help people thrive under their respective environments.


Running a business can be stressful and often, entrepreneurs develop unhealthy habits that accumulate, simply because they choose their work over the needs of their body. To help business owners on their journey, we have developed three simple, stackable services to provide them with the necessary guidance at affordable rates.

For new entrepreneurs we offer:

Health consulting

Business consulting 

A Health & Business Hybrid consulting package


With the help of our corporate fitness packages, we work directly with you to provide you with resources, access to education and tailored wellbeing programmes that help produce a healthier environment to get the very best out of your team.

Our packages include: 

Corporate coaching & Consulting

Corporate fitness & wellbeing education

Corporate Fitness Implementation


We work extremely hard to provide the very best services related to health & well-being to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

To deliver to the highest of standards we:

– Work only with accredited and qualified professionals to formulate our services

– Provide affordable solutions tailored to your specific business needs

– Continually develop our resource library to better aid our partners 

– Produce high quality content designed to inform and inspire