digital product

At RA Republic, we love bringing ideas into fruition. We have successfully worked with a wide variety of celebrities and companies to help them bring complex and creative ideas to market. Whether it’s a mobile application, e-book or web-based application, we are here to guide you step by step towards your vision.

our process

At RA Republic, we follow a strict protocol to produce the highest possible results effectively and efficiently. Below you will be carefully walked through each step you can expect if you are partnered with us.



We start off as we do with any service, with a free consultation, to understand and explore your business goals and ideas. We take time to understand exactly what it is you wish to create as well as discuss the viability of your solution and the value it brings.

Formal membership boarding

Introduction with your account manager

Project discussion & milestone setting

Existing brand audit & evaluation


We then proceed onto researching the market and your direct & indirect competitors to underpin any products that may be similar to your idea, to gain a thorough understanding of what strategies and methodologies will work best with the architecture of its design. We will spend time truly understanding your potential target customers, to uncover any pitfalls we may have to face when bringing your solution to the market.

Customer research & behavioural insight

Market trends & competitor design analysis

Creative brainstorming & conceptual drafts

Our recommendations & evaluations



Based on our extensive research and analysis, we will work with you side by side to put together a strong skeleton and framework for your potential product. Whether it’s coming up with conceptual artwork for your e-book or the wireframe for your new mobile app, we will not stop till we have a clear, precise image of what you want your project to be like.

Customer user journey mapping

UI/UX analysis 

Wireframe – Figma, Adobe XD

Asset curation plan


We will then proceed onto the design and development phase which will take all of our research and planning, and we will transform it into a tangible product which is perfectly in-line with your vision.

Asset curation

Finalised design concepts

Code & development

Project proofing



Once we have perfected your product, we will run your solution through rigorous testing and examination to ensure that it polished, refined and ready for the market. We will also work with you to come up with the best ways to bring your product to market through creative advertising strategies.

Device testing

Security testing

Deployment to app store

Product to market strategy



Whether it’s a productivity app or a unique website, we offer a range of services specifically catered towards helping businesses design and launch applications across various touch-points. We have a team of developers, testers and designers on hand to help you create complex solutions, ready to shake up the world. We can assist you with:

Web based applications

iOS applications

Android applications



Mobile videogames are a great way to entertain your customers and to creatively advertise your brand. We at RA Republic have thorough experience in producing videogames of various styles.

Character design & Animation

Map design

Videogame UI/UX

Level design 

Videogame production 

Storyline creation

Videogame development

Videogame deployment

Videogame advertising 



We offer a wide variety of e-book development services to help design, curate and publish your books to the web. Whatever the requirements, we are here with you every step of the way to help you get your ideas across to the world. We provide

E-book Cover design

E-book Theme design

E-Book writing services