At RA Republic, we truly believe in real organic growth and we always focus on producing real content for real people. We work with you dilligently every step of the way to ensure that your brand, product line and customers are always in sync through accurate marketing and creative advertising.

our process

We have devised a clear cut process to help our clientelle effectively stand out from the crowd. Below you will find out more about our process and what to expect.


As with every service we offer, we sit down with you to work out your goals and requirements for your project. We will go through a variety of questions to gain a better understanding of your target audience and what you hope to achieve from your advertising campaign.

Formal membership boarding

Introduction with your account manager

Project discussion & milestone setting

Audit of existing advertising campaigns


We take time to further research and understand your market and your competitors to figure out what exactly works for your industry. We will also help you develop a wide range of primary research data channels to get the most accurate data in and around your customers. Once we understand your market, we will further take a deep dive into the behavioural patterns of your existing customers to come up with predictions based on historic trends.

Customer research & behavioural insight

Market trends & competitor design analysis

Design samples & creative brainstorm

Our recommendations & evaluations


Based on our research and your feedback throughout the process we will proceed onto setting clear parameters to cultivate your perfect design. This phase will be centred on really narrowing down on the details for this project. Depending on your selected service, deliverables during this process may vary.

Print material drafts & concepts

Assistance with written content

Typeface & colour palette selection & development

Refinement, print & delivery 


During this phase we will produce a variety of content samples of different types to test and analyse which format works best for your company and customers. Once we have found a theme that works well with your company, then we will proceed to further creating content at scale in that specific format.

Social media theme development 

Social media content testing & analysis

Scalable social media content implementation 

Management & optimised growth strategies


As well as creating your content we will simultaneously help you run and execute any paid or non-paid growth strategies which encourage organic results. We also offer a wide range of social media management services to help regulate and publish content.

Paid Adwords advertising strategy

Customer data analysis & insight

Paid social media advertising strategy

Existing strategy audit & analysis


Depending on your chosen plan with us, we will either provide you with valuable insight in and around your advertsing campaign or we will host regular consultations with you every month to track monitor and optimise campaign performance. Our goal is to help you minimise spend and maximise social reach.

Influencer relationship development

Campaign tracking & analysis

Optimisation & growth strategy

Content evaluation & creative brainstorming



At RA Republic, we like taking simple things and turning them into something extraordinary. Whatever your campaign or brand needs, we offer a wide range of print development services to help bridge the gap between your online and offline brand identity. We provide:

Leaflet design

Creative business cards

Company brochures 

Brand stationary 

Brand merchandise 

Product packaging 



Whether its for a music video, video-game or for social media content, we offer a wide range of bespoke animation services for all your brand needs. 

Animated illustrations 

Pixel art animations 

Text & typeface animation 

Motion graphics 

Explainer videos 

Post production animation 

2D videgame animation

Animated logos



Both sound and visual representations of your brand heavily impact the way in which how your customers think, feel and remember your brand. We have devised a wise array of sonic branding solutions to help you create a unique brand purely through sound engineering.

Music theme creation 

Podcast creation & editing 

Voiceover creation for animation

Background music creation 



Posting unique social media content consistently can be a difficult task even for the best creators out there. At RA Republic, we understand just how important creating content is for your brand and we offer a specific service that deals with creating high quality social media graphics optimised for your customers.

Photography services

Branded quotes 

Custom Illustrations 

Creative Infographics 



To further help you promote your brand we offer a wide range of services that specifically deal with the curation of social media videos.



Editing existing footage 

Looped video creation



Whether you’re promoting an event or product, a great advert can not only persuade customers to purchase from you but can also help leave a memorable impression in their minds surrounding your brand. We offer a wide range of services that help specfically curate adverts around various screen sizes and resolution.


Explainer videos

Animated adverts 

Video adverts