Business fundraising

At RA Republic, we truly understand the importance of each opportunity and it is our objective to ensure that your brand at its best all the time. Our investment centric services cover a wide range of deliverables from slide deck creation, website design to explainer video production, top help your investors know exactly what your brand is all about as well as the opportunity you are presenting them.

our process

At RA Republic, we follow a range processes to help clients get the investment they need for their business projects. Below you will find all the steps we take to effectively help businesses reach their funding goals.


We spend time meeting with you and your team to understand exactly what your investment opportunity is and the type of investors you are approaching. We will work with you diligently to ensure that we connect you with the investors that are most in line with your goals and ideals.

Formal membership boarding

Introduction with your account manager

Project discussion & milestone setting

Existing asset review & fundraising audit


We take time to research and analyse exactly what your investors are looking for in regard to opportunities. We create frameworks and design guidelines that are centred specifically around your investors ensuring that all the material we create is heavily centred around their preferences.

Investor specific research

Competitor research

Investor profiling and analysis

Our recommendations & evaluations


During this phase we will help create a wide range of conceptual artwork and written content samples to ensure that we are in perfect sync with your vision and investment goals.

Conceptual artwork & drafts

Brand guidelines 

Infographic sketches

Creative brainstorming sessions


Once you are happy with the direction of project, we will move onto the refinement phase of the process where we will deliver you with the documents you need to help you on your search for investment. We will also take on board any feedback to help with the efficiency of future projects with us.

Finalisation of conceptual work

Slide deck rending 

Written copy & financial amendments

Feedback & relationship management



A website designed specially, for those business owners seeking investment for their business projects. We work with you directly to work out your goals and objectives and help convey these in an elegant one-pager styled website to help maximise your chances for success.

Competitor website research

UI/UX consulting

Domain & hosting setup

Split-testing landing pages 

Website development 

Investor specific website content

SEO optimisation

Google tracking & installation



If you’re looking for funding, then be prepared to provide your potential investors with detailed documents surrounding your financial and brand goals. Our Investor document service specially deals with translating complex data, and rough conceptual ideas into a beautifully crafted narrative that allows potential partners to clearly and effectively understand your goals for your business. Our investor proposal services include;

Professional Business Writing Services

Pitch Deck Design

Proposal Documents Curation

Infographics & Explainers

Explainer Videos & Animations



If you are taking the crowdfunding approach then you will need to be creating a wide range of content to help establish a strong relationship between your brand and your community. We have a wide range of social media content development services specifically geared towards helping you generate a community of valuable individuals to help you reach your crowdfunding goals.

Competitor research

Trend & market research

Bespoke charts, graphs & infographics

Social media graphics

Social Media animations 

Social media brand videos

Product & brand video explainers

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