Brand Identity

Beautifully designed brands create positive connections between the companies which possess them and their respective customers. However, more often than not, brands fail to captivate their audiences, either due to a lack of clarity or creativity. At RA Republic, we have put together a range of robust protocols to ensure that we can help each of our clients tackle these common yet complex design problems.

our process

At RA Republic, we follow a strict process to produce the highest possible results effectively and efficiently. Below you will be carefully walked through each measure we take to build you a strong brand identity.


During this part of the process, we will do everything we can to truly understand your own personal philosophies and your business goals. We want to go out of our way to ensure that you are given an exceptional service and that we are perfectly aligned with your vision.

Formal membership boarding

Introductions between your personal account manager

Project discussion & milestone setting

Existing brand identity audit & evaluation


We spend time using a design centred framework to research and analyse your customers, current cultural trends and both your direct & indirect competitors to creatively produce design samples that best fit your brand objectives.

Customer research & behavioural insight

Market trends & competitor design analysis

Creative brainstorming & conceptual drafts

Our recommendations & evaluations


Based on our research and your feedback throughout the process we will proceed onto creating clear parameters to cultivate your perfect design. This phase will be focused on really narrowing down on the details for this project. Depending on your selected service, deliverables during this process may vary.

Refined brand concepts

Different design variants 

Typeface selection & development

Our personal recommendation & evaluation


Once we have finalised your desired design, we will move onto the delivery stage of the process, ensuring that you have everything you need to implement your vision into motion. We will take on board any feedback that you may have to ensure that any future projects run just as smoothly as this one.

Finalisation of brand project 

Formal asset & project handover

Feedback & partnership relationship evaluation

Project aftercare implementation



We provide a wide range of research services which look at not only at the designs of your competitors but the behavioural patterns of your customers to outline the best way to communicate with them. Subsequently, all of our design services are heavily grounded in this research and is further built upon to generate creative insights that help you effectively stand out from the crowd. What is included in our research reports;

Market trend spotting

Customer research & analysis 

Questionnaire development 

Competitor design analysis & insight 

Evaluation & recommendations



A beautifully crafted company symbol designed with extreme precision, optimised for a range of materials and various sizes. Our logo development service includes;

Market research

Competitor analysis 

Creative brainstorm

Conceptual sketches

Typography selection

Colour  selection

Brand guideline creation

Logo rendering & finalisation

Evaluation & recommendations



Through understanding your company and vision, we formulate a rich and strong brand story that captivates your audience through creative writing. Our brand story creation service consists of;

Brand audit & historical analysis 

Competitor analysis 

Brand story ideation brainstorm 

Conceptual drafts 

Story development consultations 

Proofing & brand story finalisation



One of our specialisms in branding and creative advertising lies within our ability to help brands build creative and unique worlds to convey their messages. A place for your characters and mascots to reside in, so to speak. Perfect for those brands looking for extra creativity in saturated markets. Our brand environment creation service includes;

Brand story & character integration

Conceptual artwork

Creative brainstorm

Drawing & digital design style selection 

Environment design & development 

Scalable asset creation & development 

World design finalisation and curation



Whether it’s a company mascot, or simply a character to creatively get your message across, we specialise in helping you build out characters in various shapes, sizes and styles that perfectly align with your brand goals. Our character design services include;

Character story 

Conceptual character design 

Colour palette & costume design 

Character finalisation & delivery



To help you create a brand that is built to last, we offer a variety of strategic services that are centred around three key areas. At The Republic by Rajpal, we specialise in design, digital & business and use these key skills to bring out the very best in your brand.  You can isolate our offered strategy services to help with specific parts of your brand.

Design Strategy

Business Strategy 

Digital Strategy

The Complete Brand Strategy